Legacy Application

Batch Script Generator

Provides a user friendly interface to create batch script files for rendering multiple Autodesk Maya scenes.


  • Load your .ma or .mb file and enter render data then press 'Add Render Line'
  • Once finished the batch script can be generated with 'Create Batch Script'
  • Any fields not specified simply are not included in the generated script.
  • All fields are optional except the scene file.
  • Can also generate a test script that renders only the first frame of each scene.
  • Custom render flags to change options such as resolution, file type, render messages and number of cores to use. Applies to all scenes
  • Automatically create log files for each render line
  • Select post render tasks such as opening a file or shutting down or logging off the computer automatically
  • Able to load batch file information straight back into the program
    • File > Open Script or File > Add Script


Notes for rendering on a Mac OS

The Render executable file you require will be located in a path similar to


The file you save must also be made executable before it is run.

One way to do this is to:

  • rename the file from .sh to .command
  • open Terminal
  • cd to your current directory
  • chmod 700 yourfilename.command

The file will now run when double clicked.



Shaun Keenan has created a basic video tutorial available on 3D Ocean

The Batch Script Generator is also available to download on